Born in the Philippines and raised in San Diego. Right after high school I studied Design. I also worked regular Admin jobs. I was lucky enough to work for entrepreneurs and the corporate world. with all the experiences i had in life. I have learned that I really like technology. I want to now use those skill and experiences to create and also teach others what I know.

I have build a business before from ground up. I was about to grow it. This is now my second business. I am wanting to make a bigger impact and help other grow there business.

I believe that we need a strong foundation to succeed in business. I would love to share more.

Hey! I’m Marian.

I teach entrepreneurs how to leverage Tech so that they can save time, automate more and scale their business.

If you ever struggled with all your tech app you have in business. I know how you feel. You have come to the right place.

I am here to help you step by step. I can also teach you how to manage and organize your business. Learn how to manage your tech applications so that you can grow your business at ease. We are here to support any one at any stage of there business.

So far, I’ve helped those’s who are of self-proclaimed “non-techie” entrepreneurs to build their own website with my simple, step-by-step system (that means no coding required). This makes thing easier for you.

Are you ready for success?

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